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This is a community for angry people who like to talk shit and who find the fuckyoulist to be a congregation of retarded children who ought to have been aborted. But every leperous baboon can talk shit if its been kicked in the head enough times - that doesn't make its screams worthy of this community.

If you want to join this community, if you think you and your brand of vile elitist bitterness are special, then let's have it. Send mrshellion or spawnsong a sample of your rantings, and keep it under a page. Otherwise, we won't read it - we'll just tell you it really, really sucked with the express purpose of hurting your feelings. If you make us laugh, and/or make us cringe though, your chances are good.

"Why the fuck would i want to join this community?" is the queston that we're sure is finding its way to the forefront of your meager cranium right now...and we laugh at your silly pride!! We are the spoiled cream of the lj crop, you fool...to join us is to release your verbal flatulence upon the masses, sit back and laugh whilst enjoying your favorite refreshing beverage.

This journal is dedicated to the practice of inflammatory/amusing rhetoric. We like people that can abuse with style.

You will probably see a lot in this community that could potentially offend you. If you are easily offended, often put off by lots of four-letter words, and feel personally bruised by words like "cunt" and "God damn," well don't even bother.


1. Racial/religious/sexual orientation slander will NOT be tolerated. We're not Jerry fucking Falwell, here.

2. Never, ever link to another person's LiveJournal. If you do it once, your post will be deleted. If you do it twice, you will be banned. If you do it a third time, we will kill this kitten.