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That's right...

I am sure we are all aware of the class-action suit being brought against McDonald’s, but I am not exactly going to get into anything over that great big steaming pile of fly-infested shit. But, rather, something I read that came out of that.

One of the kids named in the class-action weighs in at 400 pounds. And this is, of course, the fault of McDonald’s for making their food so tasty.

But her mother was quoted as saying something that makes me think the kid should sue her parents, not McDonald’s.

The mother said that (and I am paraphrasing here) she always thought McDonald’s food was healthy and nutritious.

Fuck all that shit! Is this what the world has come to? That if you’re a stupid bitch with no common sense or respect for your child’s health, you can become part of a frivolous and time-wasting lawsuit that has the potential (however small) to award you millions of dollars?

It’s unfuckingbelievable. How can a grown person not know that greasy and fried foods are fattening? Especially nowadays, when such information is common fucking knowledge!

As I have seen on the Maury Povich Show many times, there are some fat fucking kids out there. And I fucking hate it when people are all sympathetic towards the mothers. “Oh, it’s so hard” they’ll say. No it ain’t; just stop feeding your kids so fucking much food! Just because they ask for stuff doesn’t mean you have to give it to them. There was one lady who was feeding her little toddler steak! He couldn’t even eat it on his own - she had to chew it up for him first!!!!! Goddamit, I am getting mad just writing this.

Will you look at that. I went from a short comment on the McDonald’s thing to a big angry rant about fat kids. Whattaya know.
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