A Semblance Of Sanity w/ Semi-Starvation Insomnia (hamsterhuey) wrote in vilevenom,
A Semblance Of Sanity w/ Semi-Starvation Insomnia

Ghouls, Zombies, and Lawyers...

Halloween was always my favorite holiday... my costumes were always just a shade shy of extravagant and i reveled in the look of terror i could occasionally evoke from the random passerby... if stalking the night darkened streets or prowling the half lit pier, i was at home on the night of the dead...

All that changed after my senior year of high school... I suddenly found myself devoid of fellow night walkers... that first Halloween was the worst of my life... i sat at home, huddled before my computer trying desperately to ignore the happy giggle of un-frightened youth... deep in my core something yearned to sweep down on these small pockets of happiness and smother those gleaming points of light... i could nearly taste the terror of the small ones as they would flee before me, not to mention that of the candy they would leave in their wake... but those days were gone... there would be no chainsaw wielding psychopath lurking in the shadows... no daemons or ghouls to feast upon the ill-gotten loot with me... no succubae to laud my efforts...

This hallowed night has lost its luster and earned my scorn.
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