A Semblance Of Sanity w/ Semi-Starvation Insomnia (hamsterhuey) wrote in vilevenom,
A Semblance Of Sanity w/ Semi-Starvation Insomnia

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Milano cookies are the devil's work.

You heard me. Milano cookies.

Somewhere along the line that vile bitch of the underworld decided that we mortal souls do not have enough sinful addictions in our life. And thus the twenty cent milano cookie was invented.

I can see you laughing at me... and i know where you live, so shut it.

Who else but satan could pack such addiction into such a small package? Thin insubstantial wafers with a few grams of mint chocolate in the center and this i spend my hard earned money on? As if sex and caffeine were not bad enough, now the temptation of yet another "victim free" drug pulls at the fibers of my being.

Damn you milano cookies!
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