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Ok... I live in the mountains, and there are two kinds of people that drive up there. People who drive fast and know the roads well, and people who drive so slow that you could pass them on a big-wheel. Unfortunately, though there are laws against it, the slow drivers never get pulled over or ticketed for not using the turn-outs and obstructing traffic-- but the normal drivers who blaze past them in the passing lane always get nabbed.

76 in a 55, folks. It's a good thing that fat-ass state-trooper wasn't there on one of the days that I was REALLY driving fast. I couldn't talk my way out of it-- he was adamant that I was speeding... neglecting to mention the three SUVs that were a quarter mile ahead of me that he didn't bat an eyelash at, who had to have been going much faster than i was.

So fuck you, you fat bastard. Get a uniform that fits, and maybe the patrol will give you a real car instead of that fucking Bronco you pulled me over in. I hope you fall off the side of the hill and you don't die. I hope you burn for a while and then live out your life in a burn ward for your lack of compassion for the people that are the most frustrated.
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