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turn signals

ok-- to all assholes on the road:

is your turn signal broken, or are you just too stupid to at least signal your lane changes while you're driving like an asshole on a treacherous mountain road?
Are you better than me? Have you decided that your shit doesn't stink, and that you don't have to make your intentions on the road known to the other people whose lives you endanger whenever you decide to just slide into the next lane without so much as turning your head or even checking your mirrors?

If this is the case, and you are trying to be an ignorant elitist, my intention is to follow you to your driveway, break your window while you're on the other side of it, break off your turn-signal and stab you in the fucking eyes with it, you cock knocking motherfucker. Then I'm going to set a thermite grenade on your hood, set it off and watch the thermite bore through your hood, intake manifold, engine block, front axle and the pavement under your car until it runs out of oxygen and leaves a little pool of white-hot molten iron under what remains of your engine.

you stupid, ignorant, inconsiderate fuck. I hope someone shoves a post-hole digger up your ass, spreads your sphincter wide, and shovels in ten pounds of thumbtacks.

fuck off.
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