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the world is my oyster, rotten and toxic

Sammuel Huntington, of Harvard University, a prolific political theorist who's works have guided the realist "balance of power" school in American foreign policy circles for over 30 years, wrote about "The Clash of Civilizations" some years back. When i first read exerpts from this book, i squirmed; he claimed that Western and Islamic cultures were all but irreconcilable, and that American policy should be geared towards keeping in check "traditonalist" tendencies within Islamic states, even if it meant supporting brutal regimes; in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Turkey, Kuwait (and at the time of the writing) Iraq, and (up until 20 years ago) Iran. I never thought i'd actually see his predictions unfolding before my eyes so soon.

I find myself trying to work it out, to reason why he "MUST" be wrong, but i can't do it...the truth does not hint at dialogue, empathy and understanding. It declares for the opposite, and lies in the realm of Realpolitik, where power is always maximized, where millions of muslims inevitably lose out due to incompetent and self-serving governments. Where they turn to religion, the pillar of their social fabric, only to find it has been usurped by those who's world views are archaic and serve to incense and stir up old hatreds, or replace them with new concocted notions of sacred hate. Where over their shoulders, always, they find robber-states, the US, the UK, sniffing out any opportunity to grab what they can like parasites. In light of these things, i see no hope in the foreseeable future. Do you? How?
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