Pechorin in decline (spawnsong) wrote in vilevenom,
Pechorin in decline

The Rafters

From the rafters in all times the insane are hung in rows
The noose is the same lonely tourniquet setting each free
If I were more worthy I’d be there swinging with them
Lined up and separate
In death as in life
But as it stands I can only look up at the moldy skeleton
That makes up the unattainable
To the rafters up on high where my lonely heroes dwell
The dissenting voices of their time
Cut off from the merriment of the common people
Indulging in self sacrificial lunacy and thought
Dooming themselves to the torment of isolation
Reflection is worth it some say
I ask you if you would hang yourself
By the threads of your own questioning ways
Only to find you’re left to rot
Upon the rafters where you’re to be recognized
As an outcast by the many
In that you’ve joined the few
No matter how noble they may be
Do you still think that’s true freedom?

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