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knowing dick all is now a matter for the experts

Yes, I already posted this in my own journal, but fuck you for noticing.

"Hello this is Kent Brockman, welcome to daily speculator..." I may as well really be in a Simpson's episode. Have you people been watching CNN? I heard some guy speculate that the sniper may be Al-Qaeda shooting people to distract "us" from "their" other operations!? I laughed really hard, stopped, and decided that the whole charade is actually rather upseting. All day this nonsense is on as if there were'nt any other news worth reporting in the world.

I understand there are updates that people want to hear, there certainly were a few important ones today, but to invite "experts" who can do no better that draw up bad plot lines from movies they've seen...come on, this is pure shit. Pure specualtion does not belong in the news. To some extent it is bound to happen, i know, but when NOBODY FUCKING KNOWS any more than "guy with gun kills people, no pattern to date (that the public is aware of)", its time to WAIT for someting more to occur, then "report", as in say something relevant, factual, credible. Its degenerated into second rate pop psychological profiling buy assholes filling the airwaves. I think this specific event, this phase thus far characterized by orgiastic speculation, is going to go down in the books, to be studied and laughed at by media enthusiasts and those involved in the study of media trends. For sure.

There are a great many things going on in the world that, surely, Joe and Jane Kansas don't know from a big black cock, simply because CNN is making some very questionable programming calls. And they wonder why stupidity reigns supreme in the most affluent country in the world, where people have access to varied sources of intel/info, but don't capitalize. Spoonfed intellectual mini-me's we are, but that of course, is old news by now, no?
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