That's right... (skaloop) wrote in vilevenom,
That's right...

Would you spend 10 million dollars on a bra-and-panty set? No, of course you wouldn’t. But somewhere out there are a bunch of rich, pussy-whipped guys, trying to keep their trophy wives happy while they go through their mid-life crises. There must be, because there does exist a 10 million dollar pair of underpants.

Why the fuck would anyone actually buy something like this? Honestly, I cannot fathom it. The excesses that some people will go to…

And I don’t know who’s worse, they guy that buys it or the girl that asks for it.

To the guy who buys it, I say wake the fuck up! Sure, such a gesture may get you laid a few extra times, but you know what? With that money you could have bought a million back-alley blow jobs! That should be plenty.

And ladies, why do you want this thing? Is it to prove to your hick friends back home that a naïve little country girl can make it in the big shitty by selling off her pussy to some cumbag with cash?

Now, this thing may be just for show, and not for sale, but that’s pretty bad too. Because whatever was spent on the little jewels, fine stitching, and rare silk could have been better used on, oh, I don’t know, just about anything!

Send a thousand kids to college.
Give a few hundred grand to the sniper victim’s families.
Split it among the families of anyone who worked at the World Trade Center for under 10 bucks an hour.

Don’t spend in on a useless, tacky, unnecessary piece of stinking shit just because you can.

Fuck I hate the rich.
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