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Of all the miserable, low, murderous, base things these Al-Quada assholes have done so far, none has affected me so gravely; there used to be a time when i could venture out, unshaven, of olive skin, rough 'round the edges and be considered, dare i say...Sexy! But oh no! No longer is this even conceivable. Now, i'm forced to shave everyday, lest i be mistaken for a bomb-making, sister-jonesing terror monger. What did i do to deserve this.

To top it all off, the bar is full of younglings that seem to think Bon Jovi's rendition of "Wanted Dead or Alive" somehow qualifies as 'classic rock'. NO. People, just because your number didn't come into Gods "to do list" until the early eighties doesn't mean you ought to be free to make a mistake of this magnitude. When the turd on stage at the bar goes into an acoustic crime spree involving Bon Jovi covers, it isn't a reason to cheer. Throw something, take down your pants and fart in the assholes general direction, but don't tell me "Hey man, this is a classic" when i scoff. A classic? What is wrong with these assholes? These people needn't be here. Really, they were the 4th beer in their daddy's six pack and mom...well that slut was out of condoms, pure and simple. Thats the only possible explanation. Why their fathers couldn't have spewed them forth on a pair of tits instead, i'll never understand. Merde.
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